Buying a Wii u and need to confirm a few things

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    I read the stickies and wanted to confirm the following

    It appears the Wii u hack allows the same compatibility with Wii games via usb loader and virtual ware game like the original Wii so I was planning on selling it. Is that a correct assumption?

    Is the Wii u hack vulnerable to system updates or can I still go online?

  2. Warlord698

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    some people have had issues with updates (which is actually believed more to be a hardware flaw than something to do with homebrew)

    it can run about 99% of the homebrew the same as the Wii except anything that only used the Gamecube ports. (if you need to rip gamecube games in the future for Nintendont, I would suggest keeping your old Wii, as the Wii U just spits out the GC disks)
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    Something to remember: Don't run anything that messes with the NAND unless you are 100% positive that it is compatible with the Wii U. Installing Priiloader, for example, would brick your vWii.

    Personally, I chose to keep my Wii. I can do a lot more with it without worrying about bricking, there is brick protection, there is a way to get around updates with it (none with the Wii U), and I wouldn't get much money for selling my Wii anyway.