Buying a used PS3: What should I be looking for?

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    Reliability of the models isn't nearly as important when you're talking about used consoles, because each has its own amount of wear and tear. The price could also be because they have more of the 500GB stock and want to get rid of it. It happens fairly often. When I went to buy mine at a local store, I could've gotten a 320GB version for the same price as a 120GB, but I was getting mine so I could hack it, so I went with the smaller one.

    The 12 and 500 are super slim models, and the others are regular slim models. You can look online to find out which fits your needs more.
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    I just made that same purchase.... very well used ps3 at a pawn shop in Houston , TX for $50. (your results may vary...) This unit suffered cosmetic damage only. The original unit was big, but backwards compatible with ps1 and ps2 titiles. One the other hand it does not work with a few of the newest games... the motherboard just doesn't work with them... (don't know why... ask SONY)...

    You can find so many of these units right now, you will likely find some at garage sales... but electronics in general will NOT hold up... its a physical phact. buy an extra one if you must... do not think its going to last a long time... even if it had an hour meter on the thing, you'll never know who (adult, child, teen, pre-teen, alien) or what CARED for it...!!! Controllers sold with these units are good indicators (if sold in bundle at a garage sale for example).

    I immediately took it completely apart and checked for dust or debris that may have stopped or slowed air flow... replaced the small drive with a 1 Terra byte drive... (just do a quick google check to make sure you get a good drive... I am not sure if ssd's give you a speed boost... let me know)

    It has been working quite well... this is my first SONY system... so the ability to play games on all three of the systems is a big plus for me...

    And never underestimate the power of the garage sale... RockBank with drums, guitars, etc... banged up but good $20 a piece here and a piece there ha ha ha

    Don't forget ! If you have a Playstation Plus with free games every month... you need lots of space!!!

    Have Fun! Good Luck!:)

    PS... the biggest thing for me was sound... I hate loud systems... That was what pushed me to the original PS3! The new 1terrabyte hard drive was not cheap... but the price keep falling...
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    Thanks for the help guys!

    If I wanted to hack my PS3, obviously I'd need a 3.55 firmware version, but is there anything else I should be looking for or avoiding? Is an 80 GB PS3 okay for this purpose? Or a 250 GB refurbished PS3?
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    You'll want to look for a PS3 Slim that's a 3.55-downgradable model or one that's already running 3.55. Investing in a PS3 Phat is risky business, the later compatible revision the lesser risk of an YLOD. Here's a useful chart: you want the minimum praxis to be 3.55 or lower and the revision number to be as high as possible since it equals a more refined manufacturing process.
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    PS3 has easily the best exclusives of the 7th gen so you can't go wrong getting it.

    The catalogue of exclusives alone make it worth buying the PS3! Uncharted 1, 2 or 3 are a must!

    Plus if you hack the PS3 you're able to play PS2 games (via that Classics thingy) as well as PSP games, and so much more!