Buying a used old 3DS XL with A9LH questions

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    So after a few years of lurking around, thinking it wasn't worth buying a 3DS, since the recent changes in the modding scene I actually changed my conservative DS mind and got to the point of finding and buying a used 3DS XL from a remote friend of mine.
    The 3DS came modded with A9LH and it took me about 2 hours to read enough articles on the temp to start understanding how it all comes together. But still I can't find decisive answers on two question, so sorry for probably double-tripple posting but anyways...
    The first question is - how can I clone the 3DS DS card data to a bigger SD ? can I just copy paste everything from root to root ? or is there more hassle ?
    And the second is is there anything I should backup and how, to avoid any possible bricks, or to perform an unbrick if something bad happens ?
    thanks tempers!
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    1. Yes, just copy the contents to a larger SD card. If you get a SDXC (64Gb+) card, use a third party Windows tool to format it FAT32/32k cluster size.

    2. Turn the 3DS off. Hold start, then push power. It should boot to Hourglass9 if A9LH has been updated recently. It may boot to Decrypt9. Either way, find where it says NAND tools and make a NAND backup. There are guides around for both utilities.