Buying a new DS. Should the New 3DS be considered 'necessary'?

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    Hello! I'm new to the community, but I know GBATemp to be a good site. I've been using it for a while, though I never really partook in the community itself.

    Anyways, on with the real content of my question: I'm in the market for buying a 3DS, and I want to get an opinion out of people in the community. I'm between getting an old 3DS XL with a system software of 4.5, so that I may use Gateway, and the other option of holding out a bit for a New 3DS that I've heard will be coming to the US early 2015.

    Here lies the real meat of what I'm wondering: do any of you think that there will be a hack developed that would be similar to Gateway that could perhaps work on the New 3DS? I know a DS flashcart (such as DSTWO or R4) would manage some stuff, but not playing 3DS game backups. The other main question being, do any of you think that there will be a large amount of games developed exclusively for the New 3DS? I know that Xenosaga is being developed for just the New 3DS, and that Super Smash Bros. is exclusively using the new C-Stick, so that would be a bit concerning if I decided to get the older 3DS.

    So what do you all think? This isn't just me being concerned with what one to get, but I'm also wondering if there is a bit of concern over this in the community.

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    I say go for it if you want faster download speed + New games that only the NN3DS will support because the older models couldn't handle the New games go for it. If Gateway does gain the ability to play NN3DS games that aren't playable even in gateway mode but require the NN3DS go for the NN3DS instead of the regular XL. Also the New 3DS will most likely be the end of the normal 3DS/XL because of the costs to make those models I can even see a 2DS redesign so it will have the LR & ZR secondary trigger buttons.
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    But anything for the new 3DS is purely speculation at this point, we don't know how many games will be exclusive to it or even make use of the better hardware. The DSi had only a handful of DSi only games and quite a few games were compatible with the original DS systems but had features that could be utilized on the DSi.

    I'd go for a 4.5 3DS with Gateway, you would have access to a massive library of DS & 3DS titles and if there's something you just have to play on the new 3DS you can sell the old system and Gateway to fund the purchase.
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    If you plan on not suffering while playing Smash Bros. on the 3ds, then yes.
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    If you don't have a 3DS already, the just wait and get the New 3DS. Facetracking for better 3D viewing and a faster processor and built-in circle pad pro functionality will benefit even some non-New 3DS titles.

    And the New 3DS will have Amibo functionality built-in as well. Regular 3DS will need the seperate accessory to use Amibo.
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    I finally decided to trade in some old DS and 3DS games I don't play anymore and buy a used 3DS XL to replace my 3DS.
    I'm not using a gateway flashcart though, (I own like 30 of the best 3DS games anyway, so it's not really worth it for me), so I updated mine and did a system transfer (since I have those ambassador games and loads of 3DS/DSi ware stuff and it was on 6.0).
    Got mine pretty cheaply from CEX. £112 it was discounted, and it was in pretty good nick, and I traded in like 5 games for £50, so I only paid £60 for mine. (And still have the blank 3DS on 9.0 to trade in for money towards a new 3ds xl or hack later if there ever is a true exploit)

    Don't be afraid to look in the local game shops/pawn shops and ask if you can look at any old models lying around. Might get lucky and find a 4.5 one or lower.

    EDIT: (The games were Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, Blazblue Continuum Shift II, Samurai Warriors Chronicles, Golden Sun Dark Dawn, and Megaman ZX btw. I might miss ZX, but the sequel is virtually impossible to find in PAL regions so I didn't see the point of holding onto it)
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    The New 3DS will get some exclusive software, so if you're interested in that, you should probably grab it. Higher compatibility, better specs, improved battery life and a thumb pad are worth it in my opinion.
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    I'm 100% sure that a hack will exist someday, the thing is though, a lot of people who find these exploits don't want to support piracy directly or indirectly, which is why they refuse to release anything. So it could take years before we (the average users) can actually benefit from it in anyway.

    Smealum is planning to release his exploit ssspwn when the New 3DS is out, but his exploit doesn't have kernel access and hence can't load commercial roms, so it would be only useful for homebrew (SNES/NES emulators etcetera).