busted my sd card after install armloader9 need help in restoring previous save games.

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  1. ryukapple

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    Feb 13, 2017
    Hello all, i'm pretty new to the armloader9 hack i followed on https://3ds.guide/

    Yesterday my sd card got corrupted with all the files on it, luckily i followed the last steps on the tutorial here: https://3ds.guide/installing-arm9loaderhax, So i got fbi and freeshop, homebrew L working again.

    Now i reinstalled the games and my savegames are gone, i've got a backup of the following files:
    NANDmin.bin and otp.bin by following the guide.

    1. Is there a way of using these files to get the save games back on my 3ds? Or is it to risky?

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    Jan 4, 2017
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    Of course the are gone. They're part of the games. However if you exported your saves using jk save manager. You can try using a recovery tool to attempt to recover them.
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    Trying to explain it better than the previous user.
    The saves are created in your SD card, alongside the games installation and they are encrypted to work only on your console.
    The NAND backup will hold only the save for Mii Plaza games, the saves for other games isn't saved there.
    You could restore not only the games but also their saves if you had a copy of the Nintendo 3DS folder on your PC, if you had done this before the SD got corrupted, you can copy this folder back to another SD card, then restore the NANDmin.bin backup (with the option to keep a9lh) so the key used to encrypt the contents will match (if you actually didn't system format the console after you SD card was broke, restoring the backup of the NAND may be unnecessary).
    But if you had made backups of the saves using homebrews like jksvm then you can restore them even after a system format, because these homebrews actually make a decrypted save copy, and then they encrypt they properly to work with your 3DS when you restore the backup.
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  4. ryukapple

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    Feb 13, 2017
    thanks both for your information , i tackled the problem (i hope it can help others as well.) and did the following:
    I had to format the sd card, after that i did a deep scan with Racuva ( a recovery tool). it couldn't get everything recovered , tho enough to get my save games back.

    I've read some information about how save games where stored on the sd card here: https://www.3dbrew.org/wiki/SD_Savedata_Backups
    This gave me an idea of where i should look for my (lost) save games.

    On the 3ds after reinstalling fbi > freeshop, go and installed fantasy life. (because this was the game i really wanted to get restored)
    First boot fantasy life it made a new save file. then put off the 3ds and connected the sd card with my pc.
    Went back to the root sd card folder of my 3ds path: J:\Nintendo 3DS >dcb54ee55288c14f8a6e9959a208450a (id example) \ 909a00f24707b884534530340002544d (id example) folders and looked at the date / time when they were last changed.
    This way i first made a back up and then put in the recovered files (i got from recuva) in the accompanied id folder. After overwrite i got all my game saves back! ^_^

    really thanks you both for making the nand backup more clearer.
    I was lucky with the recovery, tho next time i'm following the guide to mod the 3ds from https://3ds.guide. I will make sure to backup the sd card fully after installation.:nds:


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