Bushing speaks on the matter of "LU64+" wii

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by FAST6191, Aug 30, 2009.

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    I did not see any other posts on the subject and I thought it was a very interesting read so I thought I would link it up for those who do not check the hackmii site all that often.

    The writeup is here:

    Before you read it though it was suggested you read

    The usual staples of http://hackmii.com/2008/04/keys-keys-keys/ and http://debugmo.de/?p=61 are suggested by myself for those wanting to learn a bit more about the wii.

    Long story very short he posits it is/was ultimately a race condition (where some code starts before another section is finished working/generating results with obvious consequences- one reason why piling on cores/threads makes life very difficult for programmers and another reason why emulator writing is complex and requires significantly higher performance machines) brought on by some low level changes in code and hardware which inadvertently affected a good chunk of user made/adapted code which operated in a way not intended/envisioned by Nintendo.

    It is not all about that though and it describes how many things work at the lowest level which is good for aspiring Wii programmers/hackers to know.
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    It was an interesting read. I like when I can understand what's going on at very low level.

    But I don't get why he said IOS_reload(249) is not working with newer wii.
    I don't remember user's reporting usbloaders not booting from HBC on newer Wii (because libOGC don't wait enough for the IOS to reload and becomes confused), or maybe I didn't understand what he was explaining ?

    Now I can predict devs will try to fix the libOGC timing.

    edit after reading der1re post :
    Ok, I see where the problem is. that's not usbloader, it was just an example [​IMG]
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    Great read cant say i get it all but i do get most of it.......
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    So this black screen after IOS downgrading is just a timing issue. What a mess.