Burning the ISO Problem/Corruption

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    Please read entire post carefully before posting answers.

    Problem: Error 001 removal yet causing further problems. This is just the basic.

    Details: I have wii backup discs/ DVD discs with wii iso game burnt in. I do not have any iso files. Some games have error 001 in them and so I have decided to use MagicISO to make an iso from cd/dvd and open it in Trucha Signer and extract main.dol and load it onto Generic wii Patcher remove error 001, save and replace it on trucha. Then I would use IMGburn or Nero to burn the disc but when entered in the wii, I would receive this message:"An error has occurred please press the eject button and remove the disk. turn the wii console off and refer to the manual". So I consulted forums to figure why was this happening. Then I used EASY MEDIA ROXIO CREATOR to try opening the ISO using Creator classic option and this would appear:"There was an error opening the file". I then thought it was a corruption problem so I consulted GBAtemp and said to use IMGburn to create img file. I did that and used Trucha+Generic Wii Patch method and reburned. Put it into my wii and got: "The system files are corrupted. please refer to the Wii Operations Manual for help troubleshooting". I have a NTSC Wii using Wiikey 1.9 I think.

    NOTE PLEASE READ: It could also be a bad burn since when I put in a blank disc or whatever it would show freespace: 0 bytes and total space: 0 bytes on My Computer. Could this be the problem?

    Can someone find the issue then find a way to resolve it?

    Thank you.