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    Sep 19, 2006
    Bunjalloo v0.2 has been released! Credits to Quirky, Changes listed below:

    The following additions and changes have been made:

    * Removed the built-in font - now requires DLDI patching
    * Escaping of forms and urls. Now urls with "&" should work as expected.
    * Parsing of .. in urls. So href="../whatever" will work
    * Added history - left and right go forwards and backwards.
    * POST form handling added.
    * Long lines wrap
    * Spaces added to keyboard - allowing multi-word searches on Google.
    * Password fields added - though without text fields and a full keyboard they are a bit useless...
    * Highlight link when touched.
    * Cookies added - uses a whitelist of allowed cookies, all others are refused. Empty default whitelist for cookies stored in /data/bunjalloo/user/ckallow.lst
    * Configuration file added, to allow for (future) customisation.
    * Allow "file:" to "http:" URL navigation, but not the other way around.
    * Updated dswifi to 0.3.2 to fix problems on newer DS lites.

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