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    Last Friday, I got a letter at school stating that my behavior in the cafeteria was unacceptable and I have to report to a teachers room at my lunch period that day. 4 other people (my friends) also have to go. I go to his room at my lunch period, and sit at one of desks. He wasn't there. I sit and wait. He walks in and screams "What the hell are you doing! get to work! blah blah blah!). Seriously, this was kinda scary. I get out my work and about 5 minutes later he says "You know, I like this, you guys come here at lunch for the rest of the year.". Its a full period detention, and we have to walk in a line to get our lunch. The worst part about it: I didn't do ANYTHING to get into this bullshit. The worst I can think of is occasional swearing, but nearly everyone in my grade swears. I talked to my guidance counselor with a friend in the same position as me (he also has done anything bad enough to be involved in this.) and he said he would investigate it. Later my mom told me I was making one of my peers spaz out, this peer happens to be my friend, and he has anger issues. I have done nothing to upset him or get him worked up, although some of my friends have tried to calm him down when he freaks out, but this only makes things worse. And I think this is the very reason I'm getting accused, as I am friends with the people who tried to calm him down, which makes him angrier, which makes him go to the office and tell a bullshit story of how we, his friends, make him spaz out. And I'm expected to apologize to the lunch staff for my so called unacceptable behavior on Friday, and I don't plan on doing so. I don't care about the lunch detention, but I'm not going to apologize and feel bad for something I was barely involved in. I don't care if I get a after-school or a in school suspension, its better then losing this retarded battle.
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    Yeah I'd fight it, if you're 100% certain that it's a snow job by some so-called friend psychotic causing this or whatever else you did nothing to earn it. I wouldn't take that crap either and would push it to a certain point, a point that would keep me out of college due to some vindictive hs asshole admin who has access to permanent records.
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    If only the problems in my life were this simple and inane. *sigh*