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    It's nearly 2 a.m., I'm bored out of my damn mind, so why not start another "what would you do thread"...

    Premis: You have the ability to have a mini personal arcade, but with the following restrictions....

    3 old school classics (duel/triple cabinets allowed, such as Ms Pac Man/Galaga or Donkey Kong/Donkey Kong Jr/Mario Brothers, but NO MAME or massive multiple game cabinet like this one: )

    2 fighting games (standard 2 player fighting game)

    1 music game (DDR, Taiko Drum Master, etc)

    1 Driving game (can be upto a 4 player setup)

    1 Gun game (can be a duel monitor setup, like Time Crisis. Everyone knows what these are [​IMG] )

    2 pinball tables (self explanitory)

    and 1 game of your choice from any genre (exception is something REALLY BIG, like the horse racing sims, and stuff of that size. If you pick your game from one of the genres mentioned, just follow the rules laid out already [​IMG] )

    If you want to feel free to link to a pic of your particular game to

    Mine would be....

    3 Classics: Donkey Kong/Donkey Kong Jr/Super Mario, Ms Pac-Man/Galaga, and Frogger

    2 Fighters: Marvel vs Capcom 2, Street Fighter 4

    1 Music Game: Dance Dance Revolution X (yes it's out in the arcades [​IMG] )

    1 Gun Game: House of the Dead 4

    1 Driving game: MArio Kart GP 2 (4 player)

    2 Pinball Tables: Guns N Roses (;%20Roses.jpg ) and Twilight Zone ( )

    1 game of choice: Golden Tee 2009 Live ( )