Buick Century to Honda Civic.

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    So I might be ready to buy my first new car.......let me take you over the history of my cars

    1992 Dodge Spirit

    This was my first car, it lasted me for a few years and then something in the engine went.


    1989 Ford Taurus

    This was my next car, would probably still be driving it if some stupid ass woman didnt think I was going to blow through a red light at the bottom of a hill on a rainy day. She hit me so hard she bent my spare tire and her antifreeze was all over the back of my car.


    1998 Buick Century

    This is my current car, other then sucking around $400 bucks out of my pocket each year for repairs, it gets the job done. Although now more and more problems are cropping up. Here are the current problems.
    • Power Window behind driver seat doesn't work
    • Car runs hot, Within 10 minutes of driving the temp reaches the 50% mark, if I sit in traffic it makes it to the 65% mark
    • Lots of gunk in the radiator/antifreeze container, Jiffy lube says I have rust in there (uses that DexCool shit)
    • Air Conditioner sometimes works good, sometimes bad
    • Car Gets 20 MPG, I fill up a 14 Gallon tank and get 280 miles out of it
    • Radio is acting up, Sometimes I cant get a single station in tune
    • Breaks squeal and also they grind even though I had the breaks and rotors replaced a year ago
    • If I have the window down, and I have my hand resting on the door, I can usually feel the heat coming off the engine
    • Tires are getting to the point of needing replacing
    • Sometimes the car is more responsive when pushing the gas, same with the breaks
    • When I cut the car on in the morning, the lights in the cabin come on gradually, Think my battery is going
    • Car has 98,000 miles on it

    I think that about raps it up, anyways I will probably be lucky to trade it in for $1000-$1500. My girlfriends brother works for a Honda Dealership, so I know I will be getting the best deal on a new Civic. I want to go with the Civic LX in Atomic Blue Metallic. Problem being is that I only have 2 store credit cards to my name (Bestbuy and Marlo Furniture). I ran my credit check through Experian the other night and it came back in the mid 700's. But I don't have a "Real Credit Card" to my name. I am looking to keep my payments between $300-$345 per month, and I already know that my insurance will jump up $50 for having a new car. Hopefully I can qualify on my own without having to have her cosign.

    Buick Century 1998


    Honda Civic LX 2008