Bugs in theme park

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    This is an excellent game, been playing it most of the night. But I've noticed if you try to delete the roller coaster, no matter what you do the game freezes and makes a constant sound. The game won't reset then, even on the R4. None of the other track rides have this problem. Its a pain when it needs to be closed down. I'm not sure if this is a port from the amiga version. Can't remember if the amiga version had this bug as well. Another bug is the handymen, instead of cleaning they end up stuck at the right hand side of the park. To get them working again you have to fire them all, then rehire them.
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    Bugs in an EA game? That's unpossible!
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    The rollercoaster thing hasn't happened to me at all, and I had a good 3-4 hours. As for the handyman if you goto the options (not sure what the button is called) you can reassign his route to get him back to work.

    There is a signpost bug, that was in the original PC version where no matter where or how many signposts you have you still get moaned at for lack of signs.

    EDIT: There is no signpost bug, you just need to place signs on every path every several inches.