BTTF DeLorean on eBay!

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    Seriously. Back to the Future has been my favorite movie since I can remember. Check out what I just found on ebay

    This is insane!! I dont know how this guy built it but I want it. Its weird but I would trade anything in the world for that car. I would give up everything I own for it. I've always wanted A BTFF DeLorean but now that I actually see one for sale and see him driving it in the video, it made me realize that I've never wanted something more in my life. Maybe its just because I love the movies so much but. Just image driving around everywhere. Not only would it be awesome surrounded by all that stuff and you'd feel like your in the movie but I would feel 100% cool! Evryone would stare at you. You'd pull up at a red light and just feel awesome. I would park it in my driveway and just stair at it all day. its the weirdest feeling I get thinking about owning this car but I truthfully would give ANYTHING for it. I don't have any major plans in my life so if it means no school no nothing, just driving around in the Delorean than so be it! lol Anyway tho, its just insane, the guy says he will build one for you if you give him your own Delorean.