BT infinity/fibre with TV, any good?

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    Last night's thunderstorm managed to kill my nice router before I finished the headtorch enabled 4am unplugging dance so I am back on a piece of junk homehub with BT.

    I checked the other day and apparently I am eligible for infinity, I thought I would ask fellow 'tempers if there are any hidden pitfalls.

    Right now I am on BT ADSL (whatever became of their option 3) which is sitting at 800 kilobytes a second and not likely to improve any time soon.

    My plan would be to ditch the ADSL, keep the landline phone number, ditch the Virgin box (which looks like arse on the new TV, mainly as it is still interlaced in standard def), get unlimited infinity (heh) with their TV options.

    My main concerns for the TV side of things are Eurosport (it is the main thing with superbikes and motogp) and discovery channel, though I am not too fussed about the latter (all the free to air stuff seems to have endless reruns of the sorts of things I kill time with on discovery).

    Technically infinity is more expensive but if I ditch Virgin then it will be the same or less.
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    Ditch BT, their customer satisfaction and service are abysmal, and grab Virgin's new offerings. You'll likely find that you can get "SuperFast" cable broadband, actually faster and lower latency than OpenReach's FTTC offerings because Virgin have a great deal more cabinets, along with a new HD set top box. Or TiVo which is neat, even if you already have a smart TV.