Broken Sword The Movie

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    From Filmforce:
    "CastleBright Studios will reportedly bring the Revolution Software videogame Broken Sword to the big-screen as a live-action feature film.

    CastleBright toppers Jay Douglas and Nav Gupta will produce Broken Sword with the blessing of Revolution's Charles Cecil, the creator of the game. "Broken Sword is the kind of complex story every producer dreams about, rich with mystery and adventure, so for me, this is a real honor," Douglas told

    The site adds that "initial talks have begun with leading directors and screenwriters from such films as Harry Potter, Casino Royale, X-Men to name a few." ComingSoon says the potential franchise will begin with the first game title, The Shadow of the Templars (released stateside as Circle of Blood).

    As Revolution's official site reminds us, Sword of Templars "introduces the quirky and refreshingly different gaming heroes, George Stobbart and Nico Collard to the gaming world. Humour, adventure, detective work and conspiracy on a global scale are all elements that define Broken Sword."

    Lets see how this one turns out, or even turns up. If it gets finished I reckon it could be pretty good. Now can someone do Day of the Tentacle?
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    I'd rather see a DS version [​IMG]
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    does that work with scummvm??

    anyways,might as well just go watch da vinci code again [​IMG]
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    Broken Sword is awesome [​IMG] This is one of the few video games that I think could work well as a film, it has a very strong story.

    We'll see if this gets made or not, but if it does all the best to them.