broken ezwriter or bad install?

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    please help
    i recently bought an EZ FLASH II powerstar and the first day it worked with the ezwriter but only if the usb cord was half-in/half-out (very close to falling out)..the green or red lights would only come on with the cord just right. well i think the usb housing is messed up..

    could it just be a bad install? now it wont work even with the cable hanging keeps seeing it as a malfunctioning usb device...

    so i am stuck with an expensive paper weight


    anybody know if you can return stuff to the ez flash factory?
    or know where to buy a replacement ezlink?

    thanks again
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    I answered the question on Sosukes but for others that may be reading
    If different cables did not sort the issues I would be inclined to say at first connection was not being made: check for bent/dirty pins, if you can not return the linker then feel free to pull it apart and tinker with it.
    If that does not fix things then I would say it was a bad linker.

    You can contact the EZTeam, try emailing Windirt on sales[at@] to sort something out.

    Jandaman is a well respected dealer (used many times by myself and several other forum members), occasionally has plain linkers in stock and is based in just outside of Seattle: