Broken DVD 360 slim on latest kernel

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    Nov 21, 2005
    A friend of the family had a nice 250 gig slim that screwed up on the DVD reflash update (DVD drive only does DVDs and such). Normally I would have just said send it in to MS and have it sorted but in a flap they had sent it into the local PC butchery house and, surprising nobody, they butchered it so no chance of slipping that past MS (even if I had a donor slim it would be 12 hours with my rotary tool and more to hopefully slip it past someone not on their guard). Just for giggles it seems they updated it to the latest kernel in an attempt to fix it (16203), joy.

    Muggins here gets to take a look then.

    Pulling it apart and discovering the extent of their butchery it seems I am also faced with a hitachi 0502 drive, 9.6 Amps on 12V rail today (late 2011 model). No chance of an existing DVD key or CPU key and nand dump.

    My options as I see it

    Buy a 4 gig and stick the hard drive in it. £90 second hand and £140 or so new. Given they would probably have had to pay that for those cowboys to fix it (I was shocked that I did not get the- "we did not fix it but we spent the time so you owe us" line when I retrieved it yesterday) it is not so bad.

    Fix it.
    Parts I have around
    A maximus drive powering tool from the original xbox 7 series liteon era. Nforce motherboard that has flashed countless DVD drives otherwise.
    A cr3 lite v1 I was saving for my Jasper 360- alas I sent the xp machine with parallel that I was using to do it all away but I have about 5 laptops and can probably scrounge up 512 RAM for a tower. Confirmed working NAND dump setup (that amused me- people were going on about quality components and a 20 year old parallel cable and some junk from maplins (like radioshack but worse) worked first time and every time since) still wired into my Jasper as it has been since around November. No programming tool but I can make a parallel port programming cable or adapt my NAND one easily enough.

    Despite the kernel I see the new ecc/"DGX R.I.P" stuff might be able to make something work though, maybe even with what I have around. The kid it is for would not appreciate even a flashed drive let alone a RGH setup (nor do I want to have to try telling people how to sort it every kernel update as they are usually right across the country from where I am typically based).

    To that end the process would be RGH that hopefully works enough times to get NAND, CPU key and extract a DVD key.

    Catching up on 360 slims if I am going to repair the drive it looks like I have to find a PCB replacement as Hitachi drives did finally fall but only to those. The cursory search was interesting as it seems the hitachi stuff came later, there were a few revisions of the PCB and no shop seems to have a clue (I have not contacted any yet) what they have as far as hitachi compatibility and as their descriptions were copy and paste when first added to the store.
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    pretty sure you can now
    dump nand
    flash the appropriate DGX RIP eec file into nand
    roughly wire up a rgh
    dump the keys using normal method

    once you got the keys disassemble rgh from the board
    flash a working drive on ebay with the keys

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    Are you sure the laser on the drive has not just worn out? The update that reflashes drives would not have touched an 0502 Hitachi.

    As for the pcbs. You can't find replacement slim Hitachi pcbs, as they are locked and not flashable. The only replacement for them is Xecuter's LTU PCB and the LTU firmware, which is £65 or so + you need a chassis from a slim lite-on as the board is designed to fit them (still supports replacing Hitachis). Other option is a drive emulator like Xk3y. Either way replacing a wrecked 0502 is not cheap.

    If they want it stock, I would just RGH & sell it on to fund a replacement console.
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    Nov 21, 2005
    Well I spoke to the people under the my earlier assumptions and they are going for the 4 gig and stick the old drive in there routine, if it is going to be even more annoying then even better I guess.

    I doubted it would be a dodgy laser but I guess it has to be (I did not click about the drive reflashing not applying here), might see if a POT tweak exists.

    Yeah I just saw needs board on C4espeaks and then went looking. Drive emulation is about as awkward to deal with as RGH as far as them ultimately bothering me every few weeks (rural internet and outside of a few given applications not much IT either) so that is out.

    As it was added to the scrap pile I guess I might have a DVD less RGH slim in my near future.

    Thanks Armadillo.
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    Nov 21, 2005
    Pointless update- fairly substantial POT tweak (0.3 KOhms difference in the end) brought it back to life or at least as much life as anything that sees a POT tweak bring it back to life can be said to have.
    In related news local computer shop now degraded to incompetent con artists from previous rating of plain con artists.

    I might still RGH it but who knows.

    Edit- that was with a flawless disc, looks like I might have to go even higher should I want it to play slightly dirty discs....