Broken DS phat, can I use as just a GBA

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    Apr 20, 2011
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    I have an old DS phat, well half of an old DS phat. The touch screen top part is totally gone. The bottom part remains all intact. However, when pressing the power button, the device just shuts off after a blink on the screen, I assume this is because the ribbon cable is torn. Is there a way I can use this 1/2 DS as just a gba? I just need to find out how to boot the DS. I would have to replace the broken ribbon cable obviously, but does anyone have any experience?
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    It's busted. Pretty sure it NEEDS the top screen to do much of anything at all. Pretty sure a lot of important stuff is in that. Pretty sure it's junk now. Only way to "fix" is to get a new top screen for it.
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    The DS won't work if it doesn't find a top screen. No way to use it, I fear.
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    Electronics work by having a complete circuit for electricity to run though...obvious as it is, with a torn ribbon cable that breaks the circuit...IIRC you can buy the ribbon cable separately for DSPhats and replacing things generally aren't very hard as long as you are careful. There shouldn't be any real hard soldering either (I think...), unlike with the L/R buttons which require a little bit more accuracy than the common soldering nub x) (like myself).
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    Pardon my curiosity, but can you show us a picture of it?
  6. Ace Overclocked

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    Jul 30, 2010
    you can atttach the cables