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    Jan 4, 2007
    [​IMG] Hiya I've had my DS-Extreme since christmas! It has had a few problems. Like not always showing up on the DS dashboard, but if i keep trying it seems to work. They have always told me in the forums that the next Firmware will solve issues. The other day the DS EXTREME team E-mailed me. and Reccomended upgrade my firmware. Obviously i did this, follow there instructions in the PDF. (i dont know much about computers) But i did do it 100% to the book.

    The update wouldn't work! -1 error. and now the thing doesnt work at all! I asked them for help. put a ticket in like they said. But to be honest. I'm 75 British pounds poorer, and i've got nothing to show for! Can someone please tell me what to do I am sorry for whining but I refuse to be ripped off by those incompetent con artists! They told me i needed to update it. As far as i'm concerned they broke it. I will do whatever it takes to make these con artists pay. it is a shame but' i'll never purchase anything off the internet again. .

    I have tried complaining on the DSX forums. I dont swear, or make threats or talk about roms, but the posts vanish.

    Sorry for complaining but (DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOUR MONEY) [​IMG]
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    Go to the DS-X IRC channel on Efnet and complain there, but stay polite and calm or nothing good will come of it. I ran a competition a few weeks ago and the prize was a DS-X. It had worked the few times I tested it but it arrived and it has broken... Luckily I spoke with a member of the DS-X support team and they are replacing it for me...

    - Sam