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    Jun 19, 2006
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    Im new to the DS and before I get one I was just wondering how common it is for people to Brick their system? Im planning on getting a DS lite this week, but im a little scared.. Any advice would help. Thanks
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    hi, and welcome to gbatemp [​IMG]

    opium wrote this awesome guide on how to flash your ds with a new firmware -> Official guide to Flashme
    after flashing you can't brick your ds anymore because the firmware recognizes malware code and keeps it from being executed (that's how i understood it).
    sadly there is a small risk of bricking your ds while flashing it but reading the guide attentively and carefully following the steps, you should be fine!

    but anyways, there is actually a very low risk of bricking your ds even when it's not flashed. from what i've heard the malicious code wasn't widely spread. but i will definately flash my lite (maybe both [​IMG] ) the day i get my new flashcart and some passme-device [​IMG]

    hope this helps ...
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    yup, its kinda hard to brick your ds if you follow the guide [​IMG]
    The only problems ppl have are simple problems that could have been avoided. Like letting the battery fall out durring flashing... loosing battery power (the ds wasnt charged!!!) and moving the s1 short alot to short somethign else...
    its simple really and worth it [​IMG]