Hacking Bricked Switch, in the process of fixing but need some guidance


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May 15, 2021
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TL;DR Switch is bricked, current issue is I need new BIS keys and am trying to figure out how to continue.

I've got a Nintendo switch first gen from quite a few years ago that's been bricked since 2018. I had no nand backup as I didn't know what I was doing then, and someone sent me a malicious payload. You can save the "always make a backup" and the "Never run an untrusted payload" stuff. Anyway I've recently been using L4T on it and decided to try getting stock working again, without much hope. I'm going to go through what I've done so far, with the help of a switch root discord member.

Prognosis: On normal boot, would show the Nintendo logo, then the switch logo, then would reboot itself infinitely. Payloads and RCM are fine.

The first thing I did was backup the system in it's bricked state and dumped the keys with lockpick_rcm. Then I generated a new prodinfo for the system after figuring out how to build prodinfogen. Then I flashed it to the system using HacDiskMount.

This changed the boot cycle as instead of infinitely rebooting, it would hang on the switch logo Indefinitely. Next we assumed that the firmware was busted.

Then I figured out what stock firmware my system was on back when it was bricked, it seems like 5.0.1 is the correct version. Building and flashing it didn't change anything, so I also tried atmosphere with the same results, that's all fine.

I then went to check the system keys and all of them FAIL when checked with the generated prodinfo. So I'd guess the next step would be to generate new BIS keys and restart the process. Im fairly new to all of this still but making progress. If you know how to continue it would be VERY appreciated.
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