Breth of Fire Freezing on TempGBA

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    May 1, 2009
    Hey, exactly what it says on the title. I'vre tried it more than 10 times now and the game constantly freezes during battles. One time I managed to get so far as beating the first boss (the giant frog) and then it froze again. Tried tweaking the frameskip and the cpu speed to no avail (it seemed to last longer with faster cupspeed, but it may have been luck). It doesn't freeze after the first battle, it seems more random, sometimes I fight two battles, sometimes I fight ten.

    I'm really confused as the game's supposed to be fully compatible. All help is appreciated.

    PS: Using the newest version available. US ROM.

    So, I decided to use GBPSP, since it seems to run much better, but it still might b nice to people who can't seem to make it work to know this game might have ssues.