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    So i had installed/working BOTW rev002 without any updateds or dlc etc, i then installed a
    The Expansion Pass grants access to three new treasure chests and |
    | two DLC packs. |
    | |
    | DLC Pack 1 adds The Trial of the Sword, Master Mode, |
    | Hero's Path Mode, the travel medallion, and new armor. |
    | |
    | DLC Pack 2 includes The Champions Ballad, nine armors you can find |
    | while treasure hunting, and an ancient bridle and saddle. |

    Notes: Compatible with the latest updated Zelda version (rev002) |
    | You need to install both nsp packages to use Expansion Pass |

    now when i try to launch the game it asks for update,, i never connected Switch to wireless and dont want to,,,, so is there a way around
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    Nov 17, 2008
    Whats your firmware version?
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