Brain Training 2 Out June 29th!

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    Even though the first game is still selling loads over here, Nintendo are finally bringing Brain Training 2 outside of Japan and NEXT MONTH under the title "More Brain Training from Dr Kawashima: How Old Is Your Brain?". Quite a surprise, I really don't remember seeing it on any release lists so this is great news.

    From IGN:
    "By all accounts it's more of the same, with DS Brain Age Checks, daily exercises and sudoku all present and correct - as is the focus on touchscreen and microphone input. However, this time around, there's a whole bunch of trials and tribulations to test that old gray matter.

    Brain Age Checks, for instance, now include new tests to rate your cerebral dexterity. Once again, three tasks are randomly selected, including classic Rock, Paper, Scissors, Memorizing 5x5 - requiring you to remember where on screen certain numbers appear - and Speedy Symbols. This last one apparently challenges your memory of symbols associated with specific numbers.

    New exercises abound too, including Correct Change, Missing Symbols and Masterpiece Recital. Correct Change demands you work out the - no! - correct change following a transaction as fast as possible. Meanwhile Missing Symbols promises a "twist" on the previous game's 20 Calculations round and Masterpiece Recital requires you to hammer on piano keys via the touchscreen, in order to follow sheet music.

    Once again, there's single-cart multiplayer action for between two and 16 players. It looks there's more choice though this time around, with Word Scramble, Memorize 5x5 and Correct Change promised. There's also a three- to 16-player picture quiz, where competitors rate each others' drawings.

    More Brain Training from Dr Kawashima: How Old Is Your Brain? is set for release in Europe on June 29, priced at £19.99 (around €30)."

    I had to do a load of spelling corrections from that, dumb IGN reporters [​IMG]

    Ok its more of the same but with a few extra bits but still for us who want another brain game but are sick of the cheap knock offs this is great news. Anyone else reckon that Picross DS would've been better added to this game? Or how about Karuko instead of Sudoku?
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    Me. (It's soooo addictive)

    - Sam
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    Should be good. No other type of memory game can match the original brain training.
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    The real question, of course, is whether they fixed the world's most annoying bug.

    "Blue. Blue...BLUE. BLUUUUE. ARGH! *sigh* Blue?"
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    Followed by the incorrect signal
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    Blue always worked for me ... and I'm even not a native speaker! [​IMG]
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    I have the first one, supose its okay never go on it now days.
    Might download this if i get around to it.
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    I can't believe some people actually take RPS seriously as a sport. link [​IMG] bollocks

    looking forward to brain age 2 btw
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    [​IMG] It's the same thing with Azul. -Blue in spanish-...interesting. *interested face*
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    "Loo!" - works 4 me