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    Oct 23, 2002
    To celebrate the second movie of the Matrix trilogy: The Matrix Reloaded Gollum released a new version of his popular emulator calling it: Boycott Advance RELOADED.

    *What's new?*
    - (WIN32) Added skip intro hacks option (Gollum)
    - Fixes intro hacks when reloading a rom (Gollum)
    - Improved sound quality by rewriting mixing engine (Gollum)
    - Added a skip intro hacks option (you can combine it with skip BIOS option) (Gollum)
    - Fixed a huge bug for LDM opcodes [Golden Sun 2/Dragon Ball Z] (Gollum)
    - A few optimizations for Thumb CPU (Gollum)
    - Added BIOS call 1F [Metroid Fusion] (Gollum)

    For downloads go to the OFFICIAL PAGE and for comments use this THREAD

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