"Bowser's Similar Story" - Idea for 3DS Homebrew App that Improves the BIS Remake.

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    In the 3DS Remake of "Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story", there are some things that got nerfed in the original unnecessarily and some things that have never been fixed yet that have been around in the original. My idea is a Homebrew app that makes gameplay similar to the original, and also better at the same time by patching it with a legit copy of the game. I'm not the guy to do this myself, but I need some developers to help make my idea into reality. This is similar to CTGP Revolution for MKWii or Project M for Brawl.

    For the base application (v1.0), i'd like to see change such as:

    - A Remastered Version of the original title screen playing over the new one (I'm fine without it, but others want it back) I already have that part covered.
    - Stats of enemies and bosses go back the way they were from the original. This also includes how much EXP and Coins are rewarded.
    - Have the BP Cost for Bros./Brawl Attacks lower to what they were in the original.
    - Gear from the original have the same stats as the original.
    - Lower the Jump Helmet Cholesteroad ranks to B = 3 A = 6 S = 9 (It hasn't been nerfed at all)
    - Make Bowser have his starting status similar to what he has in the original. (The number of HP, BP, POW, DEF, SPEED, HORN the game gives you when you start at Lv 1)
    - Main Bosses and enemies (excluding Gauntlet enemies) have the same level they did in the original.
    - Bring back Single (Serial) type attacks for the Green Shell, Spin Pipe, Goomba Storm, and Broggy Bonker. (Thus buffing the Spin Pipe, a great tool to beat many bosses, especially the final boss)

    Changes I'd like to see in future updates:

    - Guantlet Bosses (Bowser) (I can work on palette swapping)
    - New Gear (Post-Game Attainable)
    - A "My Stuff" folder ( Based off of: http://wiki.tockdom.com/wiki/My_Stuff_Folder )
    - A toggle in the app that lets you play as Dark Bowser. (I can work on sprite editing)
    - Add/Use Cheat Codes (Only works on files in which you already have beaten Dark Fawful)
    - Bring back the Challenge Medal (Except it's inside a block located in the Challenge Node)
    - Replay Minigames
    - Refight Bosses (Not Gauntlet Versions of them)

    I also made a HBC Icon and another image that I have no idea what to do with it. (Linked in this post)

    Anyone willing to help make this become a reality, let me know.

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