Question Bought used Switch with games preinstalled , but SD card missing ?! Please look at the thread.

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    Hi guys !
    I have one very simple question :)
    Here is a quick preview of my situation - Today I bought used NS Let's go Evee Edition. It came with Zelda Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 , Smash Bros, Pokemon , Mario & Rabbits Kingdom and few more games preinstalled on the console micro SD card but it was missing from the bundle so the games cannot run (A little cloud icon stand on top of them and when I try to run any game it says " The software data is not downloaded. It will be downloaded now"). I was hoping it can be modded, but unfortunately the console is a patched one and nothing can't be done on it right now. On the other hand, console is on 6.2.0 which give me any hope that *somewhere in time* *Maybe* some sort of exploit will be released for it. So my question is - If I decide to update to console and loose the ability to install the "eventually released in the future exploit" will I be able to download the games again from the store ? Or the best part will be if I can download them again without updating the firmware ?! Is there a way that can be done ? Something very important is that I don't know last owner password but right now his profile stay logged in ?! If I can d/l the games that was bought on this console, maybe I'll update so at least I can play something. But if the shop require to enter the password again , I can't see any reason to update when I'll still have no game to play + I'll be sure that I don't wait for any exploit in the near future...
    Hope you guys will understand my situation and someone will help me with some information, which I don't know.
    Thanks In advance !
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    That's tricky!
    Cause if you decide to wait, the wait might take a looooong time!
    On the other hand, if you want to redownload those games you'll have to update. Then again since no hacker stated anything about your current fw, you might take your chances and update anyway. Chances are you won't be requested any password for the download (don't take my word for it!!!).
    It could be also that the previous owner was on 4.1.0 and accidentally updated, thus selling the unit (sorry mate but it's a possibility). Therefore those games might not be legit.
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    Probably not what you want to hear but I would sell that unit and get an unpatched unit then you'll have a hacked switch right now.
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    Again, you won't want to hear this. You have two choices. These "pre-installed" games are going to be linked to a NNID account. Which presuming is his. If he ever changes the password, it will force you to login, thus losing the "pre-installed" games. You factory reset, you will also lose the games because you will have to login with the NNID account which I am presuming you don't know the login details.

    Sell the console. Trade it in at a shop, private sale etc. What ever will get you the most money.

    Buy brand new from eBay or shop and request to view the console serial number. You can see it on the bottom of the box. I do this all the time. This will have the lowest firmware, so you can wait for cold boot or update to latest and use SXOS or alternative.

    Or, buy used, ask to confirm the serial number. First few or last digits will tell you if it is a hacked unit. This will more than likely be on the latest firmware. No chance of cold boot. But online and emunand.

    Either way, I'd sell. This isn't what you want or else you wouldn't have made this thread.
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    If you seriously care about homebrew, sell your switch and get one that isnt patched. The reality is that even if a later update gets exploited(which isnt unrealistic), it very likely wont be a hardware exploit. The original models are by far the most useful, as they arent hindered by firmware version(you can update freely) and can use autorcm. Your worried about playing a few games that you dont own, if that is your choice you can do it anyway using an unpatched model.
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    You bought a used patched Switch? Whaaaaaat? That's confusing since your innate response was to score the free games.
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    time to charge your switch