Hacking bought new wiiu 5.3.2 and xenoblade chronicle x US version need help please


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Mar 30, 2015
sorry am total noob about computers and hacking will try to follow
The Definitive Guide to Wii U Hacking but i have questions what should i do first?

block internet to wiiu?

install kernel?

install hacks then? i appreciate detailed step by step thank u in advance

also will the cenoblade chronicle x CD upgrade my wiiu to 5.5.0?

I think you should block internet entirely if you want to be safe/ remove it entirely & don't forget to turn of quick boot too!., because it downloads firmware un tge backgtound & yes I think Xenoblade Chronucle will update your wiiU unless you havknit & use firmware spoof!

I don't know much either, since I'm the same spot as you. I just bought a Zelda Windwaker with fw 3.0.1 ( I think) & want to play Xenoblade X too (I actually wanted the Xenoblade bundle, but didn't want to get a on fw5.5 console). Now I'm still a bit scared to hack my wiiU without a proper nand backup & little knowledge. I really want a full nand backup of the whole system just in case, but I don't want to hardmod the wiiU yet, since it's brandnew Q.Q. I hope there'll be a way to make a nand backup without having to hardmod the wiiU, This is handy for downgrade if possible later on or if I ever accidentally brick my system & maybe it will help with restoring it idk, atm I'm used to the 3ds, which is a total different system & i never bothered to hack my wii years ago because it got kidnapped, since the day I had it by my siblings xD....

Also the wiiU will start to download a sysupdate when you're still setting things up & getting used to the system so if you see it started that I'd say format the system & set it up a new to delete the update & when you're at the internet setting part just choose manual setup & input wrong info like wrong SSID name & the tubehax DNS as extra is a must, so it won't have internet & later when you it when you're ready to have internet it will be easier to setup & no hidden accidental downloads (yeah I know I probably sound paranoid when it's about system update, but I am desperate to keep my system exploitable). The booting will takelong after that, but it works! Later it will tell you about quickboot & spotpass & if you have no internet it will try enable it if you don't watch out it you might enable it without realizing it (darned sneaky Nintendo move).

Well that's all I hope you were lucky & are still on 5.3.2 if not I hope this might help someone else, since there's so much info to digest.

Also try not double post like you just did, you can edit your 1st post, save the mods time merging your post + it comes over less annoying to some people. ;)

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