Bought 2nd WiiU "console only" need to stress test

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    Jul 3, 2010
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    I finally won an auction on eBay for a console only without gamepad for less than $100. I am moving my family to another state in the next month and will likely wait until we are all settled to mod vWii and stuff, but I want to give this thing a thruough check out to make sure there is nothing funky with it. (Any bans, vWii not messed up, ports all working etc.).

    Any suggestions on what I should do? Any system report I can generate and post?

    Additionally I will probably have this unit in my bedroom for now so I can get in some MK8 before I crash. I assume I will need to purchase the DLC pack again. Should I use my existing NNiD or create a new one?

    I am trying to think of cool things you can do having two consoles, any ideas? I suppose I could play mk8 with my one of my boys online and we could each be in full screen mode but that might not be as much fun as sitting on the couch together.

    I should have an extra standard 2GB SD Card laying around somewhere. I have a modded Wii bit have not updated anything with it since 2012 so eventually will need to catch up on all the advances since then.

    Thanks guys.