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    Jan 28, 2014
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    botw - ram and or cheat searching for codes/offsets.. in-game

    u quoted you had hearts offset.. what other offsets you have for game?, and is it possible you could please provide me
    with all the offsets that you have currently for game , im personally looking for these at least:
    one-hit obliterator weapon to let other weapons use them in battle and not take health down or close to that..
    and master sword never run out of energy / break..
    and stamina and maybe anything else you can think of?.. plus i would love! to try and start looking for codes on this myself but
    i need a way to start at to look for these codes as well?...

    example below:
    Infinite Hearts
    Infinite Stamina
    Master Sword Never Run Out of Energy/Break
    Master Sword Doesn't Need To Recharge
    Master Sword able to drop/remove
    Master Sword able to sell and or buy from a shop-(any/most-shop(s))
    One-Hit Obliterator Never run out of Energy/Break
    One-Hit Obliterator Doesn't Need To Recharge/Stays Charged for One-Hit
    One-Hit Obliterator don't drain your hearts and or let's you switch to other weapons
    One-Hit Obliterator able to drop/remove
    One-Hit Obliterator able to sell and or buy from a shop-(any/most-shop(s))
    Able to Change/Cycle through to other Weapons/Items-*in that current Slot*-(similar to the code they had for Nature Code for Pokemon Black 1/2) example: *previous Item*-Cycle Left(L)/*forward to next item*-Cycle Right(R))
    if above** not possible to find -then this alternative:
    Mod/change in-shop item(s) list -- to be able to buy them shops item(s)/*to any item-including Master Sword or One-Hit Obliterator*
    example -- you walk into Kakariko Village item shop to change stock and possibly to walk-out/walk-in(old-fashioned way) or travel to change it to your item stock list
    and or change walking merchants item list , example like beedles items list to your mod item list...(be sure to include all 1.5.0 dlc 1 and 2 item list).
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    May 13, 2016
    I think the problem with the obliterator is the game logic will make the game unplayable unless you mode the game itself. Doing it via memory editing might be possible but not as direct nor as easy. Via save editing, you can obtain and use the obliterator anywhere, but once you equip it, the game logic will not let you switch to other weapon. And you could be killed with one hit as well.

    As for the master sword energy, you might be able to edit the durability to 65535 to have similar result.
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