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    I have had my Wii hacked for ages and the only protection I have ever run is starfell, which stopped working when I upgraded to system menu 4.0. I have never had any issues but, I have been reading some horror stories in here of people with bricked Wiis so I figured I should try and install some sort of protection.

    My Question is, if I install Bootmii, will my Wii run straight up into the standard Nintendo system menu and if it does how do you get the system to boot into bootmii in the event of a catastrophe? I was kind of imagining I would have to use the front panel on the Wii to navigate Bootmii every time I turned on the Wii which would be a pain in the ass:grog:
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    If you can install BootMii to Boot2 you really should!

    Yes bootMii will start up first when turning on the Wii you can stop this by deleting the BootMii folder on the SD Card.
    Make a back up of the BootMii folder first that way if you ever need to use it you just need to put the BootMii folder back on the SD Card.