Bootmii SD and SDHC question

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by timtlm, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. timtlm

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    Mar 5, 2008
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    Sorry for another bootmii thread. I am mostly a lurker and find everything I need by searching, but I couldn't really find anything in specific on my problem. I finally installed bootmii because of all the threads I see about people bricking their wiis. At one point I had preloader, but I eventually uninstalled because of the time it took to autoboot through to the system menu. So, I installed bootmii as boot2 successfully, but my main 8GB SDHC card couldn't be read by bootmii. I'm was a little surprised because it is completely compatible with HBC and other homebrew. No big deal, I just copied the bootmii directory that was created on my card to a 1GB card. If I want to run bootmii, I'll just use my other SD card. The big problem I have is with the 8GB SDHC in, it now takes almost 15 seconds from the time I turn the wii on to the time I see the health screen. If I take the SDHC card out, it only takes about 4 seconds. If I have a compatible SD card in without the bootmii files on there it only takes 4 seconds as well. I suppose bootmii is attempting to read the 8GB SDHC, and takes a whole 11 seconds trying to read it and eventually gives up. The real annoying part is that I have another brand of 8GB SDHC card, and it works fine with bootmii, but it does not work with HBC, and other homebrew apps. Is there any way to get it to boot faster?
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