Hacking Bootmii nand backup problem.


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Aug 28, 2003
United Kingdom
I have an older wii that has bootmii as boot2 and the nand backup seems a little inconsistent.

Made a backup long ago when I first got bootmii on there, but wanted to update to a more up to date system menu + softmod with modmii, so decided I'd make another backup, just in case anything went wrong and I needed to restore, as the old backup has less save games on it.

Anyway, seems a little inconsistent. Made a backup, and bootmii said one factory bad block (always been there) and three corrected pages. After making the backup, I noticed bootmii was old (1.1), so decided I would go to 1.4 and make another backup and now we get a few inconstancies.

New backup had 4 corrected pages, three in the exact same places + one extra. Thought it a little odd so decided to backup a couple times to make sure it's done properly and they match. Second backup, matched same four corrected pages. Third backup (just to make sure), four pages + 1 extra, next backup same.

Short version

Dump A. 3 corrected pages
Dump B 4 corrected pages. 3 in same places as A
Dump C 4 corrected pages. Identical to B
Dump E 5 correct pages. 4 in same places as B, C
Dump D Same as E.

All verified fine after the dump.

What's going on? Is bootmii not backing it up properly? Why the variations between dumps, made shortly after each other?. The wii exhibits no problems.

I just did not want to go ahead and do what I wanted without making sure I have a good backup.


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