BOOK☆WALKER Weekly Famitsu digital reader for PC?

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    Hellow!!! I made this topic cause honestly I'm stumped on this. Ive always wanted to buy weekly famitsu but as I dont live in Japan that was something that wasn't possible.Just recently,I figured out a way to actually buy weekly famitsu digital magazines the day after theyre released (meaning friday) and of course I have no problems reading it on my android (The app is called BOOK☆WALKER , and is available on the japanese android and itunes marketplace. For Android you need market enabler to change the marketplace region) . My question is,anyone knows how to make the file work on PC e-book readers or the like??? I've tried numerous tricks (Even changing file extention, file converting) but no luck whatsoever.

    I would gladly share each issue of weekly famitsu if somebody knows what type of reader software is needed or codes one. I will share an issue of weekly famitsu in digital format so you guys can tinker around with it :

    Weekly Famitsu 11/10 2011



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    Sharing weekly Famitsu issues is highly generous of you, however that infringes against our rules.

    I suggest you familiarise yourself with them.

    Thread closed.

    edit: As well as the offer of warez there is a request for help in your post regarding getting the digital mags to work in pc ebook readers, so I will move this thread to the appropriate section and re-open it so maybe someone can help you.
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