Bomberman 2 Wi-Fi Tournament

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    [​IMG] Bomberman 2 Wi-Fi Tournament
    Bombs Away!
    Sign up for GBAtemp's Bomberman 2 Tournament!

    [​IMG] About
    Hello people and welcome to my third GBAtemp Monthly Tournament. This tournaments will be available to everyone. It will also not be mandatory that you attend Wi-fi Night for this tournament (but it would be nice if you did). These tourneys will be held once every 5 weeks on the 5th week.
    The game for this tournament is Bomberman 2.

    When will this next tourney be? It starts March the 29th. It will go on for 2-3 weeks, depending on how many people sign up. If you are trying to figure out what time it would be in your area, click here.

    [​IMG] Sign Up
    Post in this topic saying you want to sign up if you would like to participate in this tournament. When you do sign up, post your available times and timezones. You would have 4 days (this could be changed depending on the amount of people that sign up) to complete each match. The tournament would last 2-3 weeks. Your opponent will be decided by timezones.

    [​IMG] Prize
    The winner of the tournament will receive:

    - $15 (Fifteen US dollars) credit at DealExtreme or a $15 (Fifteen US dollars) E-check

    - Our generous friends at froopii are also giving away a shirt to a random contestant. I will hold a drawing on March 28th, a day before the tournament starts to see who will be the lucky prize winner.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] (Click on image for more information on t-shirt)


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