bluetooth/wifi USB dongle in wii u to allow pro/gamepad in wii mode?

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  1. sonicsleep

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    May 23, 2009
    I just wanted to know if someone has tried working towards this?

    I am completely incapable of doing anything about this myself, but I feel like it's something that would be reasonably possible for someone who was...
    Has this been discussed or thought of before? Because I doubt we'll ever have control over the wii's bluetooth, so we should just get a usb one to work so we can dominate!

    Also, is it true the gamepad has mostly been hacked and can be communicated with over 802.11?

    Wouldn't that mean, that potentially if we can get wifi dongles working on the wii, then we could get it to 'listen' for button presses that are being sent over the air to the wii u and then input them as inputs on the wii like what happens in nintendont? ie wii and gamecube games could be entirely played from the gamepad?

    How did we get usb gamepad support?, like in nintendont. If we can get that to work, other things as wifi and bluetooth standards should be possible/easy too? :)

    We would have touchscreen support for wii mode then too...
  2. jonthedit

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    May 30, 2011

    This would be very delayed.
    Mainly because the Wii U would have to communicate with the dongle.
    You would have to make a dongle that has the same properties and registers as a "Wii Controller"
    Then you would need a software running the entire time the Wii U is on. The software would need to convert button presses to WiiMote presses real time.

    Wii U Pro Controller (Press X) >> Sends to BTDongle >> Software converts into "C"(or whatever button) on Virtual WiiMote >> Sends to Wii U in WiiMode >> Corresponding event occurs
  3. sonicsleep

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    May 23, 2009

    Well clearly we can already communicate in vWii mode to anything attached to the USB port. And I assume there is a lot of open documentation for bluetooth and wifi, there's sure a lot of support for it on linux.
    And it doesn't need the same properties any more than we need the same properties on the wifi/bluetooth on our pc's to connect to these devices. So this shows its possible as both have worked in some way on PC so far.
    "Then you would need a software running the entire time the Wii U is on"
    True that would be needed for vWii menu support :\ , but as soon as you booted into anything homebrew it should be able to work?