Bluehole (makers of PUBG) announces steampunk MMORPG "Ascent: Infinite Realm"

Discussion in 'GBAtemp & Scene News' started by Chary, Nov 9, 2017.

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    No, I mean the NPCs that you can't play as.

    This dog is the entire reason the game "Ghost Trick" is great as he is extremely integral to the plot, which I can't say for most of these animals in korean MMOs who exist just to look cute.
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    Dec 8, 2015
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    I've actually dreamed of a game like this, an MMO where you can pilot airships then switch to ground combat.

    Closest we've had so far is Worlds Adrift, which is.... utterly terrible. Just a bunch of empty islands, extremely buggy, and if a glitch destroys your ship then you have to start completely from scratch. All the hours you spent grinding resources and designing, gone.

    It was so bad they removed it from Steam's early access, it was so early they couldn't qualify for early access. Even Astroneer, a pre-alpha, is more polished XD

    Back on topic I really hope they can iron out the framerates and the gunplay feels OK. Also really hope if something goes wrong you don't permanently lose your airship.