Hardware Blue Led Matrix Controller - Dpad L Not Working


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Jul 15, 2009
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Just posted this same thread at xbox-scene, seeing if you lovely people have any ideas too.

So I've been case- and LED-modding all of my controllers recently out of boredom, and I've got some really neat stuff going, but this one controller is a pain in the ass. It's an older Matrix wireless controller, which I've successfully installed blue 0603s on, yet for some reason the left side of the dpad does not work anymore.

I've tried multiple things to get it to work that did indeed work on the other directions just fine, but left continues to not work for me. I've repositioned the button pad, replaced the button pad altogether (and tried other directions domes on it), tried activating it with a piece of aluminum foil, also with a piece of copper wire, and cleaning the button contact.

Results are the same whether running off of a 2x AA battery pack or the Play and Charge kit with no battery pack. All of these have been tested with the pcb out of the shell so I can be sure I'm not misaligning anything - I cant see anything glaringly obvious that would prove this to be user error.

I'm at a bit of a loss :/ any clue what's going on with this? I moreso use these controllers on my computer than my 360, but on either one the problem persists.

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