Bleach RPG!! (come in its worth it)

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    Oct 24, 2008
    Before I copypasta what I had before, first I'd like to apologise and state that dice has given me permission to post the following message:

    Hey everyone, I'm new here and I'd like to tell you guys about a game I like to play. It's a web-based Bleach RPG similar to TNR (A web-based Ninja RPG), except that it's harder and based on Bleach. First of all, there are 13 captains (Lonely people who play too much) who's characters are imbalanced. There are similar things on the Hollow side, called "Espadas".

    The only way to be strong in the game is to spend most of the time training. It's a web-based Grindfest. You can choose to play either a Shinigami (Death God) or a Hollow. Each race has different attacks, and I don't know how Holow's work.

    How do you train?
    It's an easy process, but boring. After you register you will see a button that says training, if you press it you wil see "Strength", "Intelligence" and "Speed". Those are your base stats. If you choose to be a Shingami, you will gain skills for Swords, Shikai and Bankai. I'm unsure what the skills would be for Hollows, but you can ask other people who are playing the game (or find out yourself). Anyway, if you scroll down you will see pictures, and next to them text that reads "5 Minutes".

    What does it mean?
    If you were to press it, you get 1 point in a stat after waiting 5 minutes. It's hard, but some people have gained 1000 points in each stat from training. Because it's automatic, you can leave and go off to do other things (Such as go outside, find a girlfriend, play a real game, etc). You can talk to other people who are playing the same race to pass the time, a lot of the people there are nice.

    My ingame name is ThePhoenix. If anybody wants to see my stats just ask and I'll post them.

    By the way, I forgot something important. You have Health and Reiatsu. Those are stats that you need to fighting and training. At the start it isn't that much of a problem, but later on you will have a major problem when you're stats are really high. When your stats are high, you will end up using around 600 reiatsu to level up one stat and it'll take about 10 minutes instead of 5 because you need to wait for the reiatsu to regenerate. The regen rate is depends on your level. atm if your over level 16 you will have 55 regen reiatsu/minute.
    the leader buys more but to buy them we need points. we gain the points when ever we kill hollows and events.

    My referral link:

    the URL:

    If you click my referral link, I'll gain 4 points in strength, intelligence and speed. Please try the game, if you don't like it you can quit at any time.

    Big thanks to Law that wrote my topic in a really high level!!!. (before that you couldnt understand a thing lol)
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    no one is interested?
    well if you have any questions you can write them here and ill answer...
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    Looks nice, I'll try it.