Bleach Heading To Europe and States

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    From Official Sega Site

    SEGA of America on Friday announced plans to bring the hit anime fighting franchise Bleach to both Wii and DS this fall in time for the launch of the television show's second season on the Cartoon Network. Bleach: Shattered Blade is underway for Wii and Bleach: Blade of Fate for handheld.

    "Bleach offers both fans and newcomers alike an action-packed arcade experience that delivers fast-paced swordplay in the tradition of the animated series' intense action sequences," said Scott A. Steinberg, vice president of marketing, SEGA of America. "Bleach is an exciting and highly anticipated property that translates extremely well to the versatility of the Wii Remote and the DS' portable gameplay, and SEGA is proud to be the first to bring the video game series to the North American audience."

    "We are thrilled to be partnering with SEGA for the Bleach Wii and DS games," stated Linda Espinosa, vice president, content management, VIZ Media. "The SEGA games have enjoyed immense success in Japan, the manga is a top seller in both the Japan and US, and we are expecting great fan response when these games release."

    Bleach follows 15-year-old Ichigo Kurosaki, who can see Soul Reapers, warrior spirits from the afterlife charged with the task of defending humans from evil beings called Hollows. One day Ichigo meets the Soul Reaper Rukia, who lends him her powers. On Wii, Bleach is a cel-shaded 3D fighter that makes use of both Nintendo's nunchuck and remote. On DS, the game is a more traditional 2D sprite-based fighter heavy on animation and effects.

    In Shattered Blade for, the console enables "gamers to wield the Wii remote and nunchuk as their weapons - slashing, jabbing, and lunging in furious battles like a real Soul Reaper," according to the publisher. The title features an original story specifically created for Wii, in addition to 32 playable fighters to choose from. Each fighter can execute specials and summon supernatural allies. There is also a full-fledged multiplayer component.

    The handheld Blade of Fate includes 28 selectable characters and the ability to move between upper and lower-plane battles arenas in an effort to escape from opponents. In addition, gamers can build Spirit Card Decks in the handheld iteration, enabling them to "strategically access power-ups and power-downs to perform special attacks, cast healing spells on themselves, displace opponents, or prohibit them from using their own Special Cards," according to SEGA. The title features four-player Wi-Fi support.

    Bleach: Shattered Blade for Wii and Bleach: The Blade of Fate on DS will be released across Europe in early 2008.
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    Is the DS version going to be a localization of one of the two games already released in Japan?
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    Yep. The first game of the two.
    I'm amazed they they're skipping the PS2 games and going straight to the one on the Wii. Granted they're probably going to take out about half of the characters simply because by that point, the dub won't be there yet.
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    Wow that looks quite impressive! I'm still looking forward to Mortal Kombat more than that, but it definitely goes on my list!
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    God, I hope they don't take out any of the characters. So what if it's mild spoiler for the show? It's what they get for being two years or more behind on the series in the states. Of course, if you're like hardcore fans you read the latest manga and watch the latest anime in fan subbed or scanlated form only a few days after the Japanese release of those.