Blast Works: Build, Fuse & Destroy

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    Anyone remember Shoot-em-Up Construction Kit on the Commodore 64? No well you should try it as it was brilliant as you could make your own shooters, the Amiga version, not as good but still good even had some games made from it released commercially! Anyway it would be great to see a new version of that on the Wii or DS but heres something else that could do for now:

    Blast Works: Build, Fuse & Destroy
    "Announced today by Majesco Entertainment Company, the Budcat Creations developed side-scroller will attempt to set itself apart from the crowd by letting players create their own levels, ships, and enemy ships.

    The game will also feature a unique "stickiness" gameplay feature, allowing players to absorb pieces and weapons of destroyed enemy ships to updgrade their own craft. Upgrades will also be available in "the Hanger," which will allow you to customize weapons, propulsion systems, and armor.

    When players grow tired of traversing the game's 15 different land, air, and sea missions, they can create their very own ship from scatch with the Ship Editor, or design their own custom level. Budcat Creations also assumes you have friends (likely story!), and has included a cooperative two-player mode.

    Blast Works: Build, Fuse & Destroy is set for a Fall release."

    Budcats have recently made Medal of Honour: Vanguard which was...ok, the PS2 port of Psychonauts which was great, New York Times Crosswords DS which I got bored of and some EA sport titles. Ok it doesn't sound like you can make your own shooters like SEUCK on the C64 but it sounds like it could be fun, though it could've just been a WiiWare title if you think about it.

    The game Tumiki Fighters which this is based on: