Blackscreen when resetting back to system menu from game

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Co.OL Kyle, Jul 9, 2009.

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    1. I have a modded Wii with preloader and bootmii installed and Cios V10 on firmware 4.0E. I used to be able to reset back to the system menu from a game by pressing the home button. Now whenever I try to do that it leads to a black screen and I have to manually turn it off and turn it back on again. What happened? Is there a fix?

    2. When I sent my wii to be repaired and got it back, I found I couldn't edit any Miis because "I didn't create them". Is there any fix to this whilst keeping the game records for the Mii?

    3. I also got the Wii back with Photo Channel 1.1. Is there any way to get Photo Channel 1.0 back? I deleted the update to Photo Channel 1.1 yet I am still stuck with it.

    Any help appreciated! Thanks
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    1. No direct idea. Could it be, that you changed the IOS, the System Menu uses to 249 in Preloader? Check it.

    2. Use Mii Installer / Mii Extractor by Waninkoko to get them on your PC. There you could use any tool to change the data. However, check, that the Mii ID didn't change before installing them back.

    3. You can use NUSD to download a WAD of the original one. Nevertheless, where's the point in deleting 1.1? It doesn't hurt you at all.
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    ad 2.)

    Using the tools the previous poster mentioned, you could also replace the data structure within the Mii that contains the MAC address (or a hashed form of it) of the console it was created on. Just read the info on the Mii data format on, extract the Miis (you should have created at least one Mii on your new console, so you can just copy its MAC address (hash) over to the other Miis. Unfortunately, this must be done manually with a hex editor but it's not incredibly hard.
    After doing that, you can edit the Miis in the Mii Channel and submit it on the Mii contest channel, because the Mii then officially belongs to your Wii console.
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    Aug 7, 2007
    I want to change it back because photo channel 1.0 can read .mp3 [​IMG] \

    & if I did change the ios the system menu uses to 249, what was the default IOS?

    Anyway thanks a lot both of you, I'll try that Mii thingy [​IMG]

    By the way, adding to that, whenever I turn my Wii off with the disc in, it continues spinning on standby mode (yellow light), it only goes off when I switch off Wii Connect 24, any fix?