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    Oct 20, 2017

    Correct! You should use a volt-meter. It´s an easy tool. Better use a good one! Cheap ones aren´t reliable...With those you can even measure a faulty transistor which could also be the issue of your console...

    But i reckon since yours is so old and you are talkign about the new models, which aren´t as sturdy as the 2006-models, it´s a simple faulty processor now. it gets too hot. It consumes too much energy. which the Wii´s PSU cannot deliver. Thus it crashes then.

    See? This is not-repairable. Since even if you had a PSU with more watts it would only last 3 more months until again it will need more amperes and it would get hotter and hotter on the processor while doing so.
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    Mar 8, 2012
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    Stop telling people outright lies. A defective CPU would cause problems *everywhere*, not just in homebrew. OP is only having problems loading games with USB Loader GX.


    Come on, man. I have a Commodore 64C from the late 80s and a Sega Mega Drive from the early 90s. Both are decades old. Both still work perfectly fine.

    EDIT 2:

    Is "electron-migration" your latest buzzword, to go along with "super duper uncrackable Wii U encryption", "Wii U games run on ARM", and "540-byte amiibo NTAG215s are the ultimate copy protection that can never possibly be emulated by mobile phones"?

    Only one Wii error is known to cause a "blue screen", and that's Error #002, which indicates the wrong IOS version is loaded for a given title. It has nothing to do with a failing CPU.

    There's three other error codes that cause a black screen, and once again have nothing to do with a failing CPU:
    • #001: A game's anti-piracy detected a modchip or cIOS.
    • #003: Korean key is present in a system with a non-Korean system menu.
    • #004: Attempted to run Bannerbomb on System Menu 4.3.
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