Black Screen Upon Loading HBL via. Haxchi After Using HID to VPAD

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    Jul 9, 2018

    I'm new to the Wii U homebrew scene and bought a used Wii U with 5.5.2 firmware. I just installed Haxchi and set it up to launch the Homebrew Launcher (v1.3) by default. However, I found that whenever I applied "Apply Patches" on HID to VPAD (v0.9j) and then launched Haxchi to re-enter the HBL after HID to VPAD sends me back to the Wii U Menu, Haxchi freezes into a black screen. I have to press and hold the power buttons on both my GamePad and console to unfreeze them.

    I am trying to use an old DualShock 3 as a Wii U Pro Controller. In HID to VPAD, the application recognizes my controller without a problem.

    I also noticed a similar post ( However, when I tried reading the last post where OP solved his problem, I do not understand what steps he took. I do not believe my Haxchi was set up to launch something when pressing Home.

    Would you guys happen to know why this is happening? If I also forgot to put some other important information, please let me know and I can update my post.

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    The same thing is happening to me and I was going to write a post about it, I know that our problem occurs because HID to VPAD applies patches and then Mocha CFW or any other CFW would apply other patches over it, and some type of problem occurs because of that, it also happens if you try it the other way around, first Mocha CFW and then HID to VPAD.

    I think that some months ago I got to work HID to VPAD and Mocha CFW, but I am not being able to do that as of now for some reason.