Black screen in usb loader

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by madmogga, Sep 4, 2009.

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    Sep 4, 2009
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    I am using Wii 4.0 - CISO 249 rev13 and usbloader in a channel,

    Last night i started by installing games onto my hard drive using WBFS manager - all worked find (few minor tweeks for the 002 error in some games) i then used the usb loader to rip my disks to the hard drive all went well and tested the first few. i then got carried away and ripped all my games to the hard drive.

    now none of the games work all i get is a black screen... the wii works fine, runs and loads games via the dvd drive, usb loader boots up and shows all the games and cover corectly but when i click on one to load i just get a black screen and nothing else.

    Anyone got any ideas why they should suddenly happen even on games the where working ???????

    going to try and fix this tonigh when i get home but if anyone has any suggestions on what to try first i would be greatful

    had i bricked my wii ????? should i re install the ISO

    help please

  2. Det1re


    Oct 28, 2008
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    How could you have "bricked [your] Wii" when it "works fine".

    I suggest you should try reading your HDD in your favourite WBFS Manager. If it succeds and all games are shown re-attach it to your Wii and try again. The problem might already be fixed at this point. If it fails remove all ISO's and reformat the drive. Then start over.