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    looking for a your expertise what I did and getting black screen when boot up the wii. Hopefully you guys can help.

    I was on 3.2U and installed HBC with Zelda hack for a while, no problems, then after few months I upgraded my FW to 4.1U from official update thru the WiFi and everything is fine, when I try to install a wad and I'm getting error -21 something like that.

    then I did some research and found out I need run the Trucha Bug Restorer load IOS36 then select downgrade IOS15,

    run the Trucha Bug Restorer again and load IOS15 on the first screen then select IOS36 menu install patched IOS36 to slote 36,

    run the Trucha bug Restorer again to load IOS36 and select restore IOS15.

    then Run cIOS38r14 installer and select IOS36.

    after all the above Trucha bug restorer etc, I can install WAD again but when I move the WAD to SD and I got failed to launch.

    do some more research and someone say I need IOS60 then I run the IOS60 Installer, installation is fine, but once I reboot the Wii I got BLACK SCREEN.


    If you guys can guide me to the right path will be great.
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    if you don't have bootmii boot2 you're fully bricked m8

    the IOS60 installer gets the latest version which is a stub and the system menu can't run on a stub IOS