Black screen from disc channel

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by uppTagg, Sep 7, 2009.

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    Sep 7, 2009
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    Hi there fellow homebrewers! I'm pretty new to this softmodding thingy and I started just a few days ago with the following:

    Chipped PAL wii (old d2b wii - cut legs - wiinja deluxe modchip installed)
    Firmware: 3.4E

    Now I have the following installed (much thanks to this site!!):
    HBC ofc.. installed using bannerbomb.
    Firmware 4.1E (using waninkokos from 3.4E, meaning I had to install a patched IOS60)
    BootMii installed as boot2 (so comforting to have the wii brick-proof! ^^)
    cIOS38 rev 14 and to install that I used the TBR method.
    IOS56-64-v5146.wad to be able to launch GH5 from disc-channel

    Everything up until now has worked like a charm! I could run all my games from disc channel and I can install VC/WW games and move them to my sd-card and anything just runs. However, I recently bought a balance-board (a 3rd party one for about 30€! I know the guy at the shop ^^) and I got a hold of the NTSC version of the game. This game refuses to run from the disc channel. The banner shows up but I get black screen after launching. I brickblocked it and used regionfrii to change it to Pal.

    Now, I can run the game using NeoGammaR7 or backuploader 0.3gamma so the problem isn't really a problem but I'm pretty curious and I wanna know why I can't run it from disc-channel so I went ahead and tried to fix it. The same thing happened with GH5, I could run it with loaders but not from disc-channel before installing IOS56, so I figured there must be an IOS missing or something like that so I fired up wii-fit in wiiscrubber and took a look and the game contained most IOSes up to IOS36. I then installed dop-ios to check my versions, I had all the ioses that were on the wii-fit disc but I dop'd a few IOSes (I think I tried IOS36, IOS35, IOS21) but no luck.

    So now I turn to you homebrew gurus to see if you have a solution to this or if you just think I should be happy the game runs through backuploaders. :> Also, the wii-fit channel won't run, it just says "This channel can't be used" but I read somewhere that it's because the game is NTSC and my wii is PAL, is that correct?

    Cheers guys!
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    Yes, it's likely due to it being a different region, you would need to use preloader or startpatch to enable a region free hack on your system.