Black screen freeze, WBFS partition not found

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    I loaded Metroid: Other M onto the USB hard drive I have been using almost flawlessly with USBLoaderGX and NeoGamma and for almost a year now. I saw somewhere that you needed to use IOS 222 with the Anti-002 fix, so I tried that, and immediately got a black screen freeze. Upon restarting the Wii, USBLoaderGX told me it couldn't find the WBFS partition on my drive. I tried selecting the partition and it gave me a "buzzing" error with white text and restarted my Wii 5 seconds later. I reformatted the drive and put M:OM back on it and tried loading it with IOS 249 (rev 14, I think it was). It worked up until the "Baby's Cry" crash. I downloaded PimpMyWii 2.02 and updated all of my IOSes and was able to play it much further (up through the first boss fight). This was last night.

    This afternoon, I started up the Wii and tried to load M:OM again and got a black screen freeze that again seemed to nuke my WBFS partition. What do I need to do to keep this from happening?
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    Wow.. i had the same problem but i had 47 games that i need to recover... just saw this after i posted the topic...