Homebrew Black Screen and no System Menu need Help


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Dec 13, 2009
Dear members please help me, i am a newbee and dont know how to put forward my problem so i shall explain in detail so please pardon me for the length of this tread.
I have a korean softmoded wii with system 4.0u which i bought 2 months back.
I then followed the New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii tutorials and did everything as it said like installing Bootmii, preloader and nand backup and everything else.
I had usb loader gx installed and was using HDD to play games, while loading one of the games (Cloudy Meatballs) the screen turned green and the wii froze, i then shut the power and put it on again but then there was no health warning page nor the system menu but a black screen and nothing else.
I then thought of restoring my wii, then i loaded preloader and went into hbc using the gc controller and loaded Bootmii from it, from there i restored my wii nand backup successfully thinking that everything would return to normal but here my problem increases.
I am still getting the Black screen on power on and nothing else happens, now i dont even have hbc or preloader since i restored my wii. I'm totally stuck not knowing what to do .
Please help i'm hoping that someone out there can help me solve the problem.

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