1. Germini

    OP Germini Member

    Oct 13, 2007
    United States
    Hi guys I have a 3.4u Wii + cios249 installed (cios38rev19) + homebrew channel + ios 36 w/fakesign.
    I understand that version 3.4u does block trucha sign discs.

    I am trying games to load such as Zelda: the ocarina of time or mario kart or new super mario bros. with no success.
    If I leave the game into the console when I turn it on It gives me a black screen sayings like "you must eject the disc and try to reset".
    If I put the game in when the menu has loaded I get the same results. The curious thing is when I put mario strikers or mario power tennis It works flawlessly.

    none of the games listed above are trucha signed or modified.

    What could be the problem, any ideas?

    thanks a lot [​IMG] I trust in you guys!!
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